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Buying and selling reputable old computers

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Buying and selling old computers is a blooming service in Hanoi due to increasing demand. Trần Anh Computer Company has long been a familiar address of thousands of customers seeking to buy and sell.

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It is not difficult for us to see dozens of establishments hanging up and selling good used computers on the same street or a university or college in Hanoi. But do they all do as well as they advertise? No. of course. Why so? Please find out the following article.

The risks encountered when buying and selling used computers without knowledge

There are many people who rush to believe in confidential advertising such as purchasing high-priced computers, taking place or selling super-cheap computers, high-quality products, imports … The business is reputable or not, and the risk they face is huge. Some cases that customers reflect as follows:

– Dismantling and launching the machine low price for products that customers need to sell.

– Stealing, exchanging spare parts during the product value visit.

– For buyers who are cheap ham should buy too old products, repair many times quickly broken.

– Buying a counterfeit product that is not genuine or defective during use.

In fact, there are many other risks when you buy and sell used computers without having to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge. Ideally, you should only look to a reputable long-standing trading address in the market

A reputable and professional second-hand computer purchasing unit in Hanoi
In recent years, Tran Anh Computer has always been in the top of the leading trading companies in trading old computers and prestigious office machines in Hanoi and Northern provinces. The company always has specific trading policies to ensure maximum benefits of both parties.

– For customers who sell old computers:

+ Technician will check the machine quickly and accurately determine the real value of the product.

+ Commitment not to swap, steal any accessories of the machine.

+ Purchasing at the highest price in the market.

+ Quick payment after customers agree to sell products.

– For customers who buy old computers:
+ Ensure to provide clear origin of products.

+ Products reach the highest quality consumers.

+ Competitive selling price with many attractive discount programs.

+ Strict warranty for all products.

You want to buy and sell old computers with good price – prestige – professional, come to Tran Anh computer right away. Please visit our website to learn more about the service. With the prestige in the profession, serving customers with devotion. We are currently the reliable destination for hundreds of customers whenever they need it. What about you, let us have the opportunity to serve and bring satisfaction to you. Website:


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