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Discover the most favorite feng shui rocks

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For a long time, feng shui stone is known as a thing that can bring health, change fortunes for humans. Therefore, the need to use items from gemstones is becoming a popular trend.

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Right after that, let’s join Van May Gemstone to learn about the most popular feng shui rocks. From there, give yourself a decision to choose, use the most appropriate.

Learn about feng shui stone

Natural rocks, formed in the ground, have spent thousands of years absorbing the energy of heaven and earth called feng shui stone. Therefore, they bring a source of active separation energy to humans.

However, not all natural stones are considered feng shui. Requirements must meet the criteria of precious and semi-precious, stone can converge feng shui capabilities.

Feng shui rocks are the most popular

Nowadays, depending on your preferences, conditions and purposes, you can easily buy feng shui stone. Among them, the most popular with high values ​​and beliefs are:

Over billions of years of grinding in the ground, collecting the precious source of heaven and earth, the quartz stone contains an extremely powerful source of energy. In addition, pure beauty with eye-catching colors of quartz pink, white, purple, blue … has always urged feng shui believers. Crystal watch

For those who like the elegance and elegance, they will surely be attracted by Sapphire thanks to its exquisite beauty and charm. Besides the spiritual element, Emerald feng shui stone has great health protection function.

Ruby stone:
Possessing a powerful red color, symbolizing the luck that Ruby stones are many people choose when buying feng shui gemstone items. Ruby stone is also known by the name rubies, red rubies.

Emerald stone
The green color of Emerald (emerald) is the color of reproduction. Not only brings unique jewelry, but also expresses the spiritual meaning, symbolizing rebirth.

Tiger’s eye (Tiger’s eye)
As a branch of the quartz stone family, tiger eye stone inherited many valuable properties. It focuses the attractive beauty with iridescent colors, bright textures, especially when placed under the light of electric lights or sunlight.

To choose feng shui stone properly and effectively

Although the nature of feng shui gem gives people extremely useful. However, if you do not choose the right way for the item, matching fate will be difficult to work. There are even more potential negative effects.

Starting from this, you need to consider before the final decision, adhere to the elements of the Five Elements. The feng shui destiny will have a similar color, compatible, and countered. It is best that the colors are mutated and then compatible.

Above all, want to make sure the feng shui stone product you buy is right, send trust in a reputable supplier such as With long-term operational experience, we will give you useful advice on items on demand, and the most reasonable price. Website:


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